When Scandinavian design meets pearls..


Freshwater pearls

Known best for their unique shapes and wide variety of sizes and colors, the character of a freshwater pearl is found in its special surface texture and the warmth of its luster.

necklace with pearls

An interesting piece of freshwater pearl fact: a single freshwater pearl mussel is capable of producing up to 50 pearls at a time (although current production limits each shell to 24-32 pearls). Each mussel is implanted surgically with around 30 tiny pieces of mantle tissue, a process known as nucleation. Once the tissue has been put in place, a sac forms and cells begin secreting nacre, forming a calcium-carbonate compound, which is a pearl.


Just what you need to complete your Scandi-chic style..

Team Marc Mirren creates freshwater pearl jewellery pieces in Scandinavian design that evoke a glamorous, minimalistic aesthetic and are meant to be easily stacked, layered, mixed and matched in style.