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Ralph Mirren was born some 200 years ago in a small town on the west coast of England. His talent for drawing showed itself when he was very young but despite that, Ralph became a fisherman like his father. He had no choice. But he kept sketching. And in his sketches, fine metals, diamonds and other precious stones predominated.

As time passed, Ralph was able to make his first steps towards a career as a jewellery designer. He invested in a modest boutique and created his first piece, a delicately wrought metal band set with a single red stone.

Soon afterwards, as war broke out in Europe, the Mirren family left England for Scandinavia. In his new life as an immigrant, Ralph was forced to abandon his business venture – and with it his life’s ambition to design fine jewellery.

Jewellery designer Marc Mirren is Ralph’s grandson. The small red stone which features in every piece he creates is at one and the same time a reverent nod to his predecessor’s unfulfilled dreams, and a celebration of their realisation at Marc’s own hands.


Marc Mirren’s designs combine Scandinavian minimalism and fine craftsmanship in thoroughly modern, yet delicately intriguing jewellery pieces as suited to red-carpet looks as they are to daywear.

The collection includes dainty earrings, necklaces and bangles, as well as finger rings showy enough to be worn singly, and slim enough for stacking.