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At the beginning of the 20 th century, in a small coastal town in the West of Britain lived the Mirren family. Ralph Mirren was a fisher, just like his father, but had another interest in life. He was good at drawing and since his childhood, he was sketching metals and diamonds, with the dream of becoming a jewellery designer.

He had just invested in a small shop and designed his first piece - which happened to be a red stone ring - when the war began in Europe. This event would change the future for the Mirren family. They would later move to Sweden and Ralph would never come to see his dream become reality. His grandson, Marc, decided to carry on the dream.

To celebrate his grandfather, he would make a jewellery line with a small red stone. This small detail became Marc Mirren's trademark.


Marc Mirren jewellery gets its inspiration from the minimalism of the Scandinavian design. We propose a series of jewellery with fine and minimalistic design, perfect to be worn both on special occasions and on your day-to-day life. The subtle design of our rings makes them perfect to be worn alone or in stacks.