This isn’t about us. It’s about you.

Your true self. Your strength. Your inner beauty. Your pleasure. Your past. Your future.

We strive to reflect who you are to the world.

We only exist because you choose to make us part of your self expression.

You dare to live your truth. You have the confidence to transcend the labels society tries to place on you: gender, race, class, culture, body, and everything else. You don’t buy into their divisions. You are human to the core. And love is the language we speak: Love of self, love for family, love for friends, love for lovers, love of others, love for the planet.

We take inspiration from the designs that came before us, adding our own vision to fit today’s style. Everything we do should be as unique as you. Because timelessness lasts forever.

Discover creative classics.


Beautiful pieces should never destroy beautiful places. Creating style and quality cannot mean creating great costs, either for you, the creative people who make our products, or for the living world on which we all depend for our survival.

Our materials

Marc Mirren jewellery primarily utilizes surgical steel as a base, known in the industry by its technical name 316L stainless steel. It’s strong. It’s safe. It’s abundant. It lasts practically forever. It won’t rust, nor is it harmful to the environment as it can be recycled indefinitely. It’s the perfect metal to create the bold and boundary breaking items we strive for. Learn more about the materials we use here.

Our social responsibility

We work with carefully selected partners who have years of experience in the technology of stainless steel jewellery. Working with skillful partners who value ethical and sustainable practices is also part of our core values.

We work within a strict code of conduct to make sure our standards are being followed. This code features 11 important areas in which we hold ourselves and our partners accountable. These are based on the Amfori BSCI code of conduct, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, and include:

- The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining

- No discrimination

- Fair remuneration

- Decent working hours

- Occupational health & safety

- No child labour

- Special protection for young workers

- No precarious employment

- No bonded labour

- Protection of the environment

- Ethical business behaviour

Our envrionmental responsibility

While we strive to design creative pieces, we continuously work towards better practices, whether it is within our supply chain, our teams or our community.

We are a carbon-neutral organization, working in partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset our carbon dioxide output by donating to Escarpment Environment Conservation Network (Esconet), an organization that focuses on the restoration of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Esconet plants indigenous trees to restore local forests, with the goal of preserving natural ecosystems and removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. This restoration also helps local communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood.

Our packing material such as our e-commerce boxes and product boxes are made from recycled FSC certified paper and is 100% recyclable. The ink used on these boxes is made from soybeans.